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The inaugural running of The Lower Hudson Hundred Kilometer will take place on Saturday, May 24, 2014. This is a fatass run this year that we hope to turn into a fully-supported race in the future, hopefully if all goes well the very next year (2015).

While we are not an official race yet, and anyone is free to join up, it is very strenuous and technical course that is NOT suited for beginners! It is because of this that we ask that you have previous experience with longer ultras (50-100mi well under the cut off time) and/or solo self-supported runs.

Run Start: 5:00am from the Bear Mt. Carousel.
Run Finish: Ft. Lee Historic Park, NJ.


This is a point-to-point run.
Depending on entries we are planning on arranging car-pooling and or rental vans (potentially for a small fee) from Ft. Lee  to Bear Mt. leaving at 3:45am.
You can also use our facebook page wall to arrange ride-shares amongst yourselves.
You are more than welcome to drive and park at Bear Mt., but we will not be arranging rides back to the start.

Highly Recommended Gear

  • Headlamp
  • Cellphone (in case you drop out and need to call a cab!)
  • Water-filter (for the first 20 mi in Harriman Park section, not necessary after that)
  • Maps ( You will need the Harriman Bear Mountain Trails and the Hudson Palisades Trails map sets. These maps are great and waterproof.
  • Enough food/elec to last between gas stations (see course description for distances)
  • Toilet paper


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