Course Description

[In order to keep things simple and prevent runners from getting lost, this first year's Lower Hudson 100K will be run on ONLY 2 trails. This change may result in a course that is shorter than a full 100K, perhaps by a few miles. Next year's course will be the full distance, as we anticipate having the resources to flag more turns. As this run is not a 2015 WSER qualifier, don't worry.]

The short of it:
Start at the Bear Mountain Carousel.
Follow Suffern-Bear Mountain trail south (YELLOW).
Turn left on Long Path south (AQUA).
THAT'S IT. Follow Long Path to the trail terminus at Fort Lee Historic Park.

The long of it:

Note: We recommend you look over these directions WITH A MAP, MORE THAN ONCE. Better yet, BRING YOUR MAP.

Map sets for Hudson-Palisades Trail (108-112) and Harriman Bear Mountain (118-119) can be purchased at

After Bear Mt you are simply on the LONG PATH (AQUA) for the entire trip, but you can still get LOST! Read, lather, repeat!

Starting at the Bear Mountain Carousel, run south on Suffern-Bear Mountain trail (YELLOW). The trail through Bear Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park are the most technical of the run. 

After some miles, you will come to the Palisades PKWY. Look both ways, cause you're gonna cross it.

After crossing the northbound side, follow the exit 16 ramp OVER the south bound side, continue on Lake Welch Dr. keeping an eye out for a left turn back onto trail just before a large stream (a possible water source w/use of filter).

Continue on YELLOW and cross RT 106-Gate Hill Rd (parking nearby/potential drop/aid location).

Continue until you see the sign for LONG PATH (AQUA BLAZES) 
Congratulations! The hardest part is over, you have about 45 miles to go!

From here on in you are following just the AQUA blazes of the LONG PATH
Keep chugging along LP as it leaves Harriman Park, runs a short road stretch and then runs through Cheesecote Park. 

The LP will follow the Palisades Pkwy. with the parkway on its east side and will exit onto Rt 202. Go east on 202, under the over pass to the gas station. The blazes are on telephone poles and street signs here.

You are now in Mt. Ivy, NY. This is the first major re-supply point.

Head south on Rt 45 from the gas station up a slight hill and keep an eye out for AQUA. In less than a 1/4 mi from the gas station it will turn left/east into South Mountain/High Tor State park. 

After High Tor Park you will pop out onto some road for a bit. No fear, just follow the blazes on telephone polls and trees. After you pass the quarry you will cross 9W into Rockland Lake St Park.

The entrance to Rockland Lake State Park is another recommended crew/drop bag point. 

Follow AQUA through Rockland. There is a golf course in the park on your right/to the west that has a bathroom and water, to get to it you’d have to drop off of the path. Its visible from the trail but would require a quick detour. Good luck! Don't scare anyone and mess up their shot.

Keep running, you will cross Landing Road into Hook Mt. This is another potential drop stop.

After running through Hook Mt, the trail will let you out onto North Highland Ave/9W, turn right at Christian Herald Rd. There will still be AQUA LP markings. After about a 1/4 mi LP will return to trail for bit and then come back to road again on Mountainview Ave. This will take you under the overpass of NYS Throughway 287/87. Just after you go under you will come to RT 59 (which runs east/west and parallel to 287/87) where there are more places to stop for replenishment. (gas station/ McDonalds). Welcome to Nyack!

After your brief respite, keep heading south on Mountainview Ave following the AQUA blazes till it brings you back onto trail and then down through Blauvelt State Park and then Clausland Mountain State Park. 
After a quick pop though Rockland cemetery follow the same old blazes as they go down Castle Rd and then hug 9W for a few paces south before crossing it joining the LP again on the other side as it veers away from 9W. This will then take you through a short suburban road stretch down into Piermont, NY. There is a great pizza place on Tate Ave if you need a stop.
Continue on as the AQUA blazes take you into Tallman State Park.

After Tallman you will pop out alongside 9W, again a good stop for crew access. After the trail breaks from 9W it will take you to the NY/NJ state border. You’ll know you are in Jersey when you pass a through a metal fence with a door. No kidding. Lots of jokes to be made there….
Anyways… you are now 12/13 miles from the finish!
The last and final place for any crew/handler and possible bathroom access will be the Park Headquarters/Precinct approximately 8 miles from the finish.
From here you have only to follow the LP AQUA all the way down to the GWB Bridge.


  1. I've done the exact course the reverse way by sections. You can find all maps at Campmor from 118-119 and from108-112. This is a great idea since it's been my intention to do it alone or with anyone who wanted to join. Hope this work out. I will hold my plans to do it with you. Im also thinking doing Fort Lee-Bear Mt. and back on road through 9W in one shot one day. Thanks a lot and I could give lots of insights if needed.

    1. Will and I ran this in a day last year, which was the inspiration for this fatass. It really is a great course and I look forward to seeing you there. I like your idea for an out-and-back. Have you thought of the road section on the east side of the Hudson?